Arts & Culture Festival Carpinteria

Sharyn Chan, our Artist in Residence for the Arts & Cultural Festival 2022!

Each year we present many Artists'work in the annual 3 day Festival with one Artist acting as the Artist-in-Residence. The Artist-in-Residence teaches for the month long Youth Arts and Cultural Outreach into schools and leads a Community Art participatory event where the public is invited to participate in the creation. All pieces of Art are showcased at the Post Parade Celebration alongside other Artists' work. 

2022 Artist in Residence - Sharyn Chan

2018 Artist in Residence - Carlos Cuellar

2017 Artist in Residence - Emiliano Campobello

2016 - Artist in Residence - Carlos Cuellar

2018 Artist in Residence - Carlos Cuellar

Emiliano Campobello - Artist in Residence 2017

Supporting Artists below~

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