Arts & Culture Festival Carpinteria

 Aztec Dance group will lead the Parade~ Saturday, October 29th begins at the Carpinteria Library.

Face Painting & Henna Design begins at 2:00  

Sunday, October 30th opening the Arts Workshop Afternoon 1:00 pm Aztec Danza group, will open the Afternoon with a presentation and ceremonial dance.   Given by the Leader of the Aztec Danza Troupe - Kalpulli Huitzilin Ihuan - Benjamin Aparicio

"Origins of Dia De Los Muertos - Learn about the significance of Life & Death perspective in our tradition"  

Arts Workshop Afternoon - Sunday October 30th  1:00 - 4:00at The Carpinteria Arts Center.

Sunday, October 30th, Aztec Dance group will open the Arts Workshop Afternoon at 1:00 pm at the Carpinteria Arts Center. 

Learn about the Origins of Dia De Los Muertos. In this workshop we will be focusing on the original two celebrations that are tradirionally done in August and September, Also, we will learn about the significance of the Life & Death perspective in our Tradition, and other key symbols used to educate and have a better understanding of Dia De Los Muertos."

Kalpulli Huitzilin Ihuan Xochitl
Benjamin Aparicio
- Leader of troupe

"Teopixque is my title, synonimas with ceremonial guide, We have 20 years doing this. Our Kalpuli for 15 years and we have worked in the Tricounties area SB,Vta, as well as LA .Our work has been from preschoolers, grade school, high school, colleges and universities. Also, at farm workers communities, various muesums, and for public events".

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